Reducing traffic congestion:

People shouldn’t have to choose between spending time with their families or being stuck in traffic. Snohomish County is the fastest growing county in the entire state and statistically top ten in the nation but our leaders in Olympia are not treating us like that that. I will fight for our fair share of infrastructure investments to reduce traffic and congestion and avoid the need for any new tolling on our roads.

Championing our Public Schools:

The legislature has made record investments to deal with the McCleary lawsuit. Now, I will ensure we have accountability for our tax dollars and direct those funds to the classroom. We have done a decent job getting our teachers some much deserved pay raises, but we still have issues to address in our Snohomish County schools. First of all, we need serious capital investments in our region to add more schools so that we do not need to teach our children in portables. Additionally, it is unacceptable that there are some schools that share their school counselors with two, three or even four other schools! We need to have a nurse and a counselor for every school so that our kids get the support they deserve and our tax payers get the service we’ve paid for. Special education should be appropriately funded and students with disabilities should have access to quality transition services.

Creating jobs:

Our state has done a good job of attracting and developing Fortune 500 companies. However, we need to do more to support our local small businesses, not just the corporations that can afford lobbyists. We can make adjustments to the B&O system to balance out the benefits for our local small businesses.

Fixing our tax system:

The Washington State tax system is broken. Our legislature voted for the most significant property tax hike in Washington history, and we know our working families in Snohomish County are some of the most unfairly burdened. I will not support property tax increases because they don’t make sense for our community; we need a fairer, more sustainable approach. We can accomplish this as long as we elect leaders who are willing to stand up to the special interests and corporate lobbyists. We have too many elected officials who are beholden to the wealthy interest groups who are fighting to keep the system the way it is.

Ensuring Transparency And Accountability In Government

As a planning commissioner and a city councilmember, we have to follow strong public disclosure laws to ensure every citizen can easily follow the decisions made by our local governments. I believe the Washington State Legislature should follow these same strong public disclosure requirements. In the last session, it is clear that Olympia lawmakers did not go far enough to ensure full transparency and accountability.